Plastic Recycling – CK Group Overview

Established in 2000, CK Group is one of the largest buyers of waste plastic recycling material in the UK. We source principally from UK and Irish based plastic recycling companies, waste management companies, or directly from manufacturers and retailers who produce large volumes of plastic. 

CK Plastic recycling teamThe plastic we buy for recycling is either processed into regrind or compound through our own UK processing facilities. We have facilities located in Lincolnshire and Melrose in Scotland or using our network of recycling partners.

The outcome of our plastic recycling process

We then facilitate the sale of this high quality regrind or plastic compound to an extensive network of customers. Most of these are compounders, injection moulding companies and plastics manufacturers who are located across the UK, Europe and Asia. All materials are graded and supplied to customers with our guarantee of consistent quality.

We are very committed to the environment and our aim is to lead the way in facilitating the recycling of as much UK derived plastic waste as possible. Our goal is to significantly reduce the amount of waste which is sent to landfill.

We achieve this in the following ways:

  • Offering a recycling service which facilitates the identification, collection, processing and sale of plastic regrind across our large network of customers across the UK and further afield
  • Continual expansion of our network of trusted plastic recycling partners to provide localised plastic recycling services
  • Investment in our laboratory testing services to monitor and improve quality and consistency
  • Continual investment in people and machinery to increase our processing capabilities
  • Finding and developing new markets for recycled plastic materials across the world

Waste Plastic for recyclingWhilst the preference would be to recycle the UK’s packaging waste in the UK itself, there are commercial, technical, infrastructure and capacity issues to this approach. This means the UK is not always able to deal with the volume of plastic packaging waste we produce. The alternative is to export these materials to utilise approved capacity elsewhere in the world. A study by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), suggested that it is more beneficial environmentally to export these materials for recycling than to send them to landfill in the UK.

CK Group is accredited for the export of plastic packaging waste and for the issue and sale of Packaging Export Recovery Notes (PERN’s). We invest a significant amount of PERN revenue back into raising awareness of the need to recycle plastic packaging waste, to improve collection facilities, in capacity constraints and laboratory testing facilities.